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Pet Grooming in Dubai Services

Your pet deserves the best grooming and Pet Corner offers the perfect pet grooming. Pet Corner's grooming salon is open 6 days a week and our professionally trained stylists offer a full array of customized services for all breeds. Make your pet look healthy, happy and looking great.


Pet Corner provides personalized services to help you show your cuddly companions how much they care. Our staff members are friendly and professionally trained, guaranteeing your pets are always in good hands. The friendly groomers at Pet Corner are experienced with popular breeds, so they can groom your pet to its breed standards or to your personal instruction.

Pet Corner's grooming salon is equipped with a large bath, hot and cold showers, salon-professional drying and grooming equipment and excellent safety features. All wash stations are disinfected after every client and offers a selection of premium shampoos and conditioners from USA that leave their coats silky smooth and shining.

You pet also receives a Pet Corner customer loyalty card, which offers free gifts and grooming services for your future visits. Book an appointment now!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Pet Corner offers Free pick up and drop off around Green Community, Dubai Investment Park, Ewan Residence, Motor City, Victory Heights, Arabian Ranches and Dubai Sports City. Any other locations, not mentioned in the prior list, will be charged at only Aed 30 for one way, i.e. Aed 60 for two way pick and drop off service. Our vehicles are fitted with IATA approved Kennels, specially designed for pet transport which will ensure they are handled with care!

Pet Corner Grooming Prices

CanineFull GroomWashing
Puppies(0 to 4 months)*215.00140.00
Small Dogs*215.00140.00
Medium Dogs*240.00160.00
Large Dogs*290.00190.00
X-Large Dogs*390.00200.00
FelineFull GroomWashing
Kittens(0 to 4 months)*215.00140.00
Cats- Regular Cut*215.00140.00
Cat- Lion Cut*240.00140.00

* Full groom includes haircut, shampoo, blowdry, nail clip , teeth cleaning, eye and ear cleaning.

A - La Carte Menu
Nail Trimming40.00
Nail Trimming, Ears Cleaning/Plucking and Pad Trimming100.00
Polish Nails/Nail Grinding40.00
Teeth Brushing with tooth brush40.00
De-mat / De-tangle brushing on an half hourly basis40.00
Excessive Undercoat Removal on half hours basis50.00
Medicated Bath (e.g. Flea Bath)200.00

* Full grooming time 2 hours (approx)
* Please book at least 1 week in advance to secure a spot
* All prices in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

* All prices are subject to VAT

* Pickup and Drop off Aed 60 additional


If for no other reason than to show your furry little friends that you care for them, pet grooming is a chore that every pet parent should dedicatedly undertake. It is not only a way to maintain their health and hygiene, but is also a way to pamper them, make them feel good, healthy and active. Today, pet grooming in Dubai is made very easy and convenient with Pet Corner – our dedicated pet care shop with expert handlers who can help you with anything and everything that you would need for pet care.

Our centre for pet grooming in Dubai is extremely well equipped with everything that is needed to groom any type of pets – be it canines, felines, aquatic animals or your feathered friends. Our pet care personnels are well trained and well versed in different breeds of pets and the specific kind of care that each one of them requires.

Our centre for pet grooming in Dubai is well fitted with large baths, hot and cold showers as well as high quality salon-standard drying and grooming equipment. All equipment has been tested for safety standards and every wash station is diligently disinfected after use by each client. Premium shampoos and conditioners from USA are used by our staff, ensuring that no compromise on quality has been made.

Unlike felines, dogs are more dependent on their parents for their health and happiness than one can imagine. Dog grooming in Dubai is now made convenient for you by the expert handlers at our pet shop. Careful washing, brushing and styling of your dog’s fur coat, de-mat or detangle brushing, excessive undercoat removal, teeth brushing with the help of a tooth brush, polishing the nails or nail trimming, cleaning/plucking ears and pad trimming are the many services offered by our centre for pet grooming in Dubai. Our handlers have in-depth knowledge of the specific care that every unique breed of dog demands, and grooming your dog according to the breed standards or even to your personal instructions would be taken care of efficiently.

Services for cat grooming in Dubai are also offered by us. Though cats are fastidious animals, they certainly require your attention once in a while. Washing and brushing, flea or tick treatment, claw trimming and checking ears, teeth and feet are some of the ways to care for your fur ball. Similarly, having birds for pets also has its own responsibilities. When in the wild, the wings, beak and claws of a bird trim down by natural causes. But when you are keeping them indoors, you need to ensure that their natural system is well taken care of. Our pet care experts can help you with trimming your pets’ wings, claws and beak with our services for bird grooming in Dubai.

Pick up and drop off services are provided by our centre for pet grooming in Dubai so that it is easy and convenient for you to take care of your pets amidst your busy schedule. Pick up and drop off can be arranged across locations in Dubai such as the Green Community, Dubai Investment Park, Motor City, Arabian Ranches, Ewan Residence, Victory Heights, and the Dubai Sports City. If you wish to choose a location other than the above mentioned, you can do so at extra charges (30 AED – one way / 60 AED – 2 way pick up and drop off) as well. Our transportation vehicles are specially designed with IATA approved kennels and other facilities so that your pets are transferred with utmost care.

Everything that you would need to intermittently groom your pet at home like claw scissors, brushes, wipes, eye/ear products, etc. are available at our pet shop in Dubai. Dietary supplements for your pets’ wellbeing like cooling aids, anti-stress supplements, digestion aids, etc. are also available. Sometimes, it helps to have an expert eye look at your pet, for slightest of changes in their health owing to lack of nutrients or supplements can be easily diagnosed. They can help you make changes in their diet with the necessary additions, or prescribe exercises for them. The happiness of your pets matter a lot, and the love they shower you with is definitely worth it.

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